No need to travel to faraway countries to discover exotic flavours and scents.

Ghent has dozens of eateries and restaurants where you can have a taste of world cuisine – from classic French to spicy African and surprising Eastern European dishes. But world cuisine is so much more than just foreign food. It’s also food sharing, street food, fusion and cooking with long-forgotten vegetables. 

World cuisine is all about style, atmosphere, preparation and unique ingredients. This trend is perfectly reflected in food-truck festivals, which allow you to discover American pork chops, insect burgers, sweet-potato chips and fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, all in one and the same spot. 
In Ghent, you’ll find all of these flavours in the lively historical city centre. Every neighbourhood in the city hosts different types of cuisine. Keen to try them?

Get started with our suggestions for a culinary world trip through Ghent!