Water is great for quenching your thirst, but it isn’t all that exciting. Fancy a perfectly shaken cocktail? Ghent has a variety of cocktail bars: from underground bars where you have to politely ring the bell to exuberant bars with Latino vibes. Cheers!

Ghent has an elite group of cocktail artists

Shaker at the ready, craftmanship in a cocktail glass
Indecisive people might have a hard time choosing in Ghent: there are plenty of cocktail bars serving the most delicious concoctions. Would you like a ‘safe’ Mojito in a hotel bar or a cocktail with a name you’ve never hear before in a rooftop bar? It will be delicious either way, whether you have it as an aperitif before dinner or to get ready for a night out. Don’t know what to choose? Ask the bartender to serve you their personal favourite.