Naturally, a city such as Ghent cannot easily be summed up in a few statistics. One must see Ghent, hear it, sample it and witness it. However, if you’re interested to know just how many people can call themselves ‘Gentenaars’ …


Latitude North: 51°4'
Longitude East: 3°42'


Afsnee (9051)
Drongen (9031)
Gent (9000)
Gentbrugge (9050)
Ledeberg (9050)
Mariakerke (9030)
Oostakker (9041)
Sint-Amandsberg (9040)
Sint-Denijs-Westrem (9051)
Wondelgem (9032)
Zwijnaarde (9052)


population figures: 247,147
men: 121,557
women: 125,590

More statistics

50,000,000 metric tons of freight in the harbour of Ghent
908,632 overnight stays in hotels
65,000 students
1,962 rooms
653 restaurants
620 cafes
250 different sorts of beer
74 parks
56 large and small market squares
38.8°C is the maximum temperature ever experienced in Ghent, on 27th June 1947
36 hotels
30 hectares of pedestrian space in the city centre; this is the largest in Belgium
26 ponds
23 museums
20 fountains
5 abbeys
3 beguinages
2 medieval castles
2 Mannekes Pis
1 Belfry (recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site)
1 ‘Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’
1 Nobel Prize winner
the largest street festival in Europe (The Ghent Festivities)
Countless pints of beer are served each day and perhaps even more at night!
Number of hangovers? (ask the 65,000 students)
Countless varieties of sweets
At least 10 chocolate shops
Countless canals
Hundreds of historic buildings and churches
No other city in Belgium has as many classified buildings as Ghent

All in one amazing city!