Sink down into the pillows with a cocktail, find peace and quiet under the trees or have a drink near the pond. 
Gazon is a new summer bar in the beautiful garden of the Kristallijn ice rink in Ghent. They offer drinks as well as food: from hummus or a selection of cheeses to a delicious spaghetti bolognese! 
Be sure to bring the kids someday. The garden features a large play area with four swings. Grown-ups can participate in numerous activities as well: a Kubb game, pétanque, cards,…

Gazon has a beautiful pond among the trees, but also a small fountain between the seats. The bar has room for a total of 200 seats.  You can make reservations to be certain seats will be available for you, but it’s not obligatory.  Tables become available with sufficient frequency, and they also have 100 beach chairs for which no reservations are necessary.

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