Ghent, a city to savour 

We highly recommend spending a weekend in Ghent. This city requires taking your time: stopping for a moment, having a chat, discovering new places and activities. Welcome to Ghent! 

Ghent is known for many things. It’s known for the Ghent Altarpiece, for the Castle of the Counts, and for the Ghent Festivities. It’s a city where the Middle Ages are still very tangible, yet it’s also a city ahead of its time. Ghent is a breeding ground thanks to the many students living here, but also thanks to the creative entrepreneurs and foodies calling the city their home. You can discover culture and stunning heritage, try the most delicious food and enjoy the nightlife. Ghent is best explored with an open mind, because the locals are friendly and approachable. So be sure to have a chat with one of the city’s jovial residents. Don’t use as a straightjacket, but rather as a reference, as you should explore Ghent in your own way and at your own pace.

Oh, by the way! You need more than one day to explore Ghent. Be sure to book an overnight stay, so you can really get the most out of your trip.