East Flanders has an enormous wealth of authentic culinary products. It would take forever to list them all, but here is a small selection: typical Ganda Ham from Ghent; delicious Tierenteyn mustard; cheeses made with beer; an endless array of local East Flemish beers; O’de Flander grain jenever. Or do you have more of a sweet tooth? In that case, try our traditional ‘snowballs’ and ‘cuberdons’!

East Flemish cuisine under one roof

East Flanders has more than 175 traditional regional products. And in Ghent you can find them all handily displayed under one roof!
The Great Butchers’ Hall houses the Centre for East Flemish Regional Products. You will find everything here, whether you want individual products or a gift hamper. Or why not put together your own delicious gift? If you can’t wait to taste our specialities, reserve a table at the restaurant across the aisle and enjoy local dishes right there on the spot!

Age-old traditions

The Great Butchers’ Hall was originally a covered market. This hall, which dates back to the 15th century, was the central place where meat was inspected and traded. This was partly because selling meat door-to-door was forbidden in the Middle Ages. Delicious Ganda Ham is now hung up to dry in the magnificent exposed wooden rafters. This ham is still salted and dried by craftspeople following an age-old traditional recipe.

The tripe shops

You might want to experience Ghent on a miniature scale as well. Beside the Great Butchers’ hall is the smallest pub in Ghent, ’t Galgenhuisje. This vibrant little café used to be one of the tripe shops. Animal entrails were sold in these huts, separated off from the market hall for reasons of hygiene. The little bar fills up quickly. But not to worry. There is plenty of room on the terrace, and it’s heated in winter!

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