Where the waters of the Lys flow between the cosy Onderbergen and buzzing Veldstraat is the Recollettenlei. Take a boat from this quay for a cruise on the Lys. Leave the hustle and bustle behind and take to the water. Meander through picturesque artists’ villages outside the city. Enjoy the views, the babbling water and something tasty to eat and drink.

The Golden River

The Lys owes its nickname, The Golden River, to the former flax industry. The river water, rich in lime, was ideal for ‘retting’ the flax stems to soften them. Flax that has been soaked has a golden shimmer. And the prosperity it brought to the city ensured that the nickname caught on. Painters and other artists also saw the value of the Lys. For many of them, the river was an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Step aboard for a cruise and take a good look around. Bask in the dazzling beauty of the water that winds its way between picturesque villages.