Level Up is a virtual reality (VR) arcade where you get to know the wonderful world of Virtual Reality together with friends or family. Immerse yourself in one of these unique VR experiences or explore virtual worlds in VR games.

Defend a fort against violent orcs, play a game of virtual dodge ball, imagine yourself as a superhero, conquer rough seas as captain of your own ship, jump off a skyscraper, dance at a high-tech disco, fight bloodthirsty zombies or rob a bank with your friends. Would you rather solve puzzles in one of our virtual escape rooms? That’s possible, because the possibilities are limitless at Level Up!

Level Up has no less than four VR headsets. This allows you to participate with three friends or relatives at our VR games and experiences at the same time.

Level Up has an impressive industrial bar where you can enjoy a snack or a drink during or after your VR session. The homemade gin and regional beers are highly recommended.

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