Warm up your muscles and your vocal chords! During this family walk around the House of Alijn, you will discover Ghent together. Hendrik and Poes, the museums’ ghosts, will take you in tow to complete various challenges.

During this 2 km long active walk through Ghent's historical centre, you will guess, make, search for and draw sounds from everyday life. Can you crack the code? Then you'll receive a surprise at the end of the walk in the House of Alijn.

“The Sound Game” is a family walk for families with kids aged 4 to 10. The walk starts and ends at the House of Alijn. It is best to start at least 90 min before the museum closes, so that you're back in time to collect the surprise.

You can buy the booklet with a city plan and a piece of chalk at the museum reception or at the Stadswinkel shop. Bring your own pencil or ballpoint pen.

The game is available in Dutch, French and English.

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