The Museum of Fine Arts (MSK), the oldest museum in Belgium, is celebrating its 225th anniversary this year. For this reason, the museum will organise a major cultural festive year.

From a festive weekend and historical trail through the halls to numerous exhibitions and activities, you will learn everything there is to know about the museum’s history over the course of this year. Moreover, the event will not only take place within the museum walls, but there will also be a lot going on all over the city.   

‘Friends of the Museum of Fine Arts’ is also celebrating its 125th anniversary. This friends’ association, which now has 850 members, has been helping to expand the MSK’s collection by purchasing or donating masterpieces since 1897. Christ Carrying the Cross by Hieronymus Bosch, for example, was an important acquistion for the museum. 

What can you as a visitor expect during this cultural festive year? A programme full of new exhibitions, night visits, workshops, discussion evenings, city tours and much more.

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