What’s the impact of travelling on circus families and artists? How does society look upon the “wandering folks”? And what goes on behind the screens of the circus? Discover the travel stories of Belgian circus artists and find out more about everyday life in a travelling circus in the exhibition Circus on the Road.

Circus artists lead remarkable lives. With their troop, they constantly travel from one place to the next with their props as their main luggage. Touring is part of and determines the rhythm of circus artists’ daily life. How do they go to school, do the housekeeping and meet up with friends and relatives? It is an adventurous lifestyle that captures the imagination of lots of people. But it is sometimes a hard life, not without dangers and risks.

In this exhibition, you will discover a unique collection of pictures, movies, posters and personal belongings of circus artists, and can take a look at testimonials of contemporary circus artists.

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