The House of Alijn museum in Ghent puts the ordinary daily life of 20th century people in the spotlight. This was once the ‘Children of Alijn hospice’. It is the only almshouse—a charitable institution where the old and sick were cared for—to have been preserved in Ghent.

House of Alijn, everyday but far from ordinary

Traditions and rituals belong to the past and present. Daily routines and special events determine the rhythm of your life. During your weekend trip to Ghent, enjoy the customs, traditions and rituals at the House of Alijn museum that recall a recent or more distant past.

Go ‘back to the future’: rediscover your very first baby photos, marbles in the playground, your first love, the excitement of the summer holidays... The way we approach ‘occasions and emotions’ changes over time: it is both personal and universal. Find out that everyday life is anything but ordinary.

Enjoy these collective memories in the lovely courtyard garden and a typical working class pub. We recommend it!

Alijn, where kids in Ghent feel right at home!

A must-see during your city trip to Ghent with the kids. Visit the House of Alijn with your children or grandchildren and discover or rediscover together how daily life has changed. Dip into the dressing-up box, flick through photo albums from grandma’s time, revel in the nostalgia of old films, enjoy Play-Doh, hopscotch and knucklebones: rediscover your inner child!

The Sound Game” is an active walk for the whole family.

Café of the House of Alijn

After your visit to the museum, you can go to the authentic popular pub at the House of Alijn to let your impressions sink in.

Museum shop

Dans la boutique du musée, vous trouverez de nombreux souvenirs de votre visite. Des cartes postales, un chèque-cadeau pour une visite au musée, des livres, des jouets, des tasses, des pin's, des magnets… Vous trouverez forcément votre bonheur. La boutique du musée est située à l’accueil du musée et elle est accessible gratuitement.

Online ticketing House of Alijn

Want to be sure you can discover the House of Alijn when you want to? Then book your tickets online in advance and enjoy your visit to the fullest.

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Out in a group?

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