Wherever you look, you can see metal everywhere around you. From everyday objects to ingenious machines and even art! In this exhibition, you will discover the world of metallurgy, lesser-known stories and undervalued craftsmanship.

FERRO NON FERRO explains the history of this heavy industry. The interactive exhibition is brimming with surprising facts and striking images. You’ll learn all there is to know about raw materials and their scarcity, metal workers and their precision work, companies and their entrepreneurship.

Want to work with metal yourself? In the metal workshop, you can use clamps and taps, learn to bend and measure accurately. In short, you’ll experience the craftsmanship of the metal worker yourself!

This activity takes place on a location within the low emission zone

Are you driving to Ghent? First check whether you may enter the city centre with your vehicle. Clean vehicles may enter the city centre free of charge, polluting vehicles have to pay. Is your vehicle allowed to enter, but do you not have a Belgian or Dutch number plate? You will ALWAYS have to register!

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