An interactive city tour about the Ghent Altarpiece and the unbreakable bond between the painting and its home city.

This fun and informative walking tour with a short quiz immerses you in the Ghent Altarpiece and the multitude of people around it: from those who order, paint, imitate, counterfeit, steal, and  pursue it, to those who are restoring its erstwhile luster and glory today. All these people play a part in the story of the Ghent Altarpiece as we watch and walk through Ghent. This tour, of course, is also about the Altarpiece's hometown: 15th century Ghent and its majestic stone mansions, hard-working craftsmen, powerful aristocrats, and brilliant painters. The unbreakable bond between the Ghent Altarpiece and the city of Ghent is so strong that no matter where it goes and for how long, the Ghent Altarpiece always comes back home. The Altarpiece is, by all means, the ‘Ghent’ Altarpiece through and through. And even if you think that you already know Ghent like the back of your hand, this tour will open your eyes to many new and surprising things about the city. So, follow Guide for Ghent Anna on a fascinating journey through time and discover how surprising and both old yet contemporary the story of Ghent's most precious work of art is!

Languages: NL / EN / RU

Meeting point: Sint-Michielsbrug, end: Kouter

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