This year, the Mid-Lent fun fair will once again bring a colourful whirlwind of attractions to Sint-Pietersplein square and the surrounding area. A feast for daredevils and epicureans, with attractions to everyone’s taste. Simply irresistible.

Over 100 attractions for all ages

Take a ride on the bumper cars or the merry-go-round, or enjoy delicious cotton candy or the typical oliebollen : everything’s possible during the Mid-Lent fun fair.

Find out more about the rich history of fun fairs

Are you curious to know how fun fairs came about? A guide will tell you all about it every Sunday during the Mid-Lent fun fair. The guided tour starts at the Great Butchers' Hall at 2.00 pm.

Stimulus-poor day

As usual, there will be one stimulus-poor day during the Mid-Lent fun fair.  This means that there will be less flickering lights, less commotion and less noise. This is a day when autistic or epileptic children and adults can really have fun at the fair.