At Catberry, you can enjoy delicious pastries whilst also taking care of our planet! Brownies, cupcakes, cakesicles, tarts, you name it. Here, you can try plant-based pastries and a matching latte without worry.

Catberry believes in a more sustainable world in which you can enjoy delicious plant-based (and thus cruelty-free) alternatives for your favourite coffee and pastries. Each creation is therefore lactose-free, egg-free and doesn’t contain any animal products. 

We highly recommend you try the unicorn latte. Say what? It’s a purple latte with lots of whipped cream, purple unicorn-shaped sprinkles and gold glitter. This drink will make you instantly happy! 

There are special chairs and fun themed colouring pictures (e.g. cats and cakes) for the littlest visitors.  

If you don’t have time to stick around, then just take your cake and coffee to go. Amélie will give you a 10% discount! 

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