In the historical heart of Ghent, a contemporary juke joint lies behind an ancient facade, the Missy Sippy Blues & Roots Club. The old-fashioned interior with impressive photos and cosy salon elements exudes the atmosphere of a lively blues café. Your New Orleans at the Lys.

Here, the blues, jazz, roots music and swing continue to thrive. Concerts, jam sessions, DJ sets and dance parties are organised on a weekly basis. Miss Billie or Miss Bessie boom through the speakers and make you feel right at home here. You can already tell, Missy Sippy offers you an abundant programme. Well-known international names as well as new talent from Ghent climb the stage and conquer your heart. Missy Sippy is home to the Ghentian blues scene whose reputation extends far beyond the city.

Be seduced by the joyful atmosphere of a barrelhouse, imagine yourself in a vibrant juke joint at the Mississippi and dance away your worries for a while. You’ll leave with a smile on your face! Let’s boogie.

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