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After that solitary lockdown, Ghent is going into total ‘lovedown’. After a period of mandatory isolation, the city is now concentrating on human connection. Let love grow!

Your tailor-made Ghentian date

Whether you want to organise an unforgettable date with your new university sweetheart, best friend or with your partner of many years, you have come to the right place in Ghent. Thanks to its wide range of options, the city provides the perfect setting for any date. Adventurous, gourmand, green or hopelessly romantic: every soul will get blown away! So, experience your own lovedown in Ghent and create your dream date by means of the handy mini quiz. 

Celebrate love in Ghent

A quiz as a romantic gesture? With the Lovedown tool, you can plan your dream date in Ghent together with your (future) partner. Plenty of choice in the city of love. 

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