Is Ghent romantic? Absolutely! It is even the ideal destination to escape the everyday routine for a weekend with the two of you. You can go for a peaceful stroll, dreamily stare into each other’s eyes on St Michael’s Bridge, enjoy a gastronomic dinner and have a nice evening full of culture and ambiance. Isn’t it romantic?

Enjoying delicious food and each other’s company

A romantic weekend without food? Not possible! There is no better place to discover each other’s deepest secrets than a restaurant in Ghent, whether it’s a gastronomic or a street food restaurant. A delicious breakfast in a cosy coffee place and a last round in a dark cocktail bar must be included in the category “food and drinks”.

Walking hand in hand in Ghent

A walk in Ghent is always a good idea: you can get to know each other better while exploring your destination. One of the most romantic activities is the Light Plan walk, which you can do in the city at night. Ghent is skilfully decorated with atmospheric lights, which you get to discover every evening until midnight. A city tour or a market visit on Sunday are good options too.

Romantic view

During your walk for two, you simply must pause to admire the view from time to time. There is no better place to do so than St. Michael’s Bridge, in the historical heart of the city. From there, you can admire the lively Graslei, Korenlei and the marvellous Belfry. You will immediately understand what a magnificent city Ghent actually is.

A night out

A city break wouldn’t be complete without a night out. Ghent boasts several great bars, spread all over the city, where you can end your day with some jazzy romance. You could also choose a musical, theatre or dance performance in one of Ghent's numerous cultural establishments. Another cosy idea is to go and see a film in the atmospheric cinemas.

Sleeping in a hotel

We have some very special romantic hotels in store for you. We are pretty sure you have never slept in an old monastery or a former post office building. We also have some recommendations for those among you who love taking a sauna and having a beauty treatment in a spa. Do you prefer something more low-key? Then take a look at this list of centrally located bed and breakfasts.

Romantic to-dos

You won’t be able to fill a weekend with walks and food alone, of course. There are so many fun things to do in Ghent that you will want to return every year. A boat tour, a museum or exhibition visit or a shopping spree in the loveliest shops of Ghent, it's all possible. Don't forget the Castle of the Counts, where you can create your own love story that stars the two of you as a medieval knight and a beautiful princess.

A thoughtful gift to conclude the weekend

The ideal finishing touch of your tête-à-tête in Ghent is buying a lovely gift for each other. Give each other some time to cross the city to find the sweetest cuberdons, the best chocolate, the freshest flowers or the most nostalgic second-hand book. Surprise each other with a small present and go home more in love than ever.

The perfect date

Only the best is good enough for your date? With the Lovedown tool, you can plan a romantic getaway on the basis of your personal preferences. Love is important in Ghent, and this is noticeable in the extensive range of options for couples. But since making a choice can be a bit overwhelming, we offer this handy tool. Complete the mini quiz and go on Lovedown in Ghent.