Enter the magic world of comic books in the former school building next to the monastery of the Augustine monks! The entire Comic Art Hotel revolves around the theme of comic book series like Spike and Suzy, Nero and Thorgal, in which you play the main role.

The theme of comic book characters and their adventures is visible all over the hotel.  Asterix and Obelix welcome you at the reception desk, you will certainly spot the Yellow Mark from the Blake & Mortimer comic in the bar and you will fall asleep as Lucky Luke rides into the sunset.   

The hotel has 38 rooms (including 5 family-sized room), each of which is decorated in the theme of one of the many comic book characters.  The rooms are equipped with all modern conveniences (Wi-Fi, minibar, espresso machine) and accommodate up to 6 guests.  Thanks to the hotel’s central location at one of the most spots in the Patershol district, you are less than 5 minutes away from Ghent’s main must-sees.   

The Comic Art Museum will open in the near future and will enable you to discover the full collection of memorabilia on your own.  



This hotel features no charging station for electric cars

You can find a map with all paying charging stations for electric cars in the city of Ghent here
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