This particularly beautiful corner of Ghent is a city within the city. Forget where you are for a moment and travel back in time to the Middle Ages. Have fun discovering centuries of history in this gorgeous part of town! Breathe in the nostalgia of old customs. Enjoy art and architecture. You will love the picturesque streets full of cosy restaurants, down-to-earth pubs and trendy bars.

Fun for foodies

Ghent is heaven for foodies. But the Patershol is definitely at the top of everyone’s menu. Eateries are almost shoulder to shoulder in these tiny cobbled streets. Take a culinary trip around the world from Japanese and Indonesian food, past Turkish, Italian and Spanish restaurants to traditional Flemish cuisine. Pick your style, whether it’s modern, romantic, a bit eccentric or exclusive. You certainly won’t be leaving with an empty stomach.

Old traditions with a new twist

If you want to experience a whole new way of exploring history, be sure to put the House of Alijn on your list. This recently renovated museum is a fascinating journey of discovery for all the senses, exploring traditions and customs in Ghent. The restored Caermersklooster also has an entirely new purpose now, as a platform for the visual arts (Kunsthal). If you want to add a really new twist to your weekend trip, why not go for a sauna? In Aqua Azul, you can enjoy a relaxing spa session in the dazzling Jugendstil interior.

Beer with kroakemandels

The Patershol is a great place to linger. Enjoy a leisurely coffee at the gorgeous museum café, a traditional pub in the inner courtyard of the House of Alijn. During the winter, there is no cosier place than the curious café Rococo. Take your time to discover Betty the barmaid’s universe by candlelight. Experience the real local flavour of Ghent at Folklore: a beer accompanied by traditional salted deep-fried peas (kroakemandels) and tall stories from Ghent raconteurs. Rumour has it you can even get bread rolls with uufflakke: typical Ghent head cheese!

Old neighbourhood with folksy soul

Real people live their lives in the shadow of the Castle of the Counts. Residents here go about their daily business. They welcome neighbours through their doors. Children play in the street. The Patershol is more than a tourist hotspot. Above all, it is a place where people live. There is a festival committee that honours local traditions. All of this gives the mediaeval streets a unique historic value. Wander down the narrow alleyways and experience the real soul of the Patershol.

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