Bleau is an experience centre where everyone can immerse themselves in a real adventure world. The building is shaped like an upside-down mountain. You can climb the mountain from the outside but also from within.

This centre offers a complete infrastructure and framework for top-level climbing. All the competition climbing walls are suitable for international climbing competitions. Outdoors, there is a lead climbing wall, while indoors there is a bouldering, lead and speed wall. All these walls have been built in accordance with the standards set by the International Federation of Climbing Sport and they include a visitors’ area. The aim? For this complex to become the international training and education centre par excellence for top-level climbers.

You can enjoy a drink at the bar. The athletic and adventurous atmosphere of the climbing gym extends to the Bleau restaurant. The kitchen serves feel good food, i.e. nutritious and balanced dishes, with original combos and an international twist. 

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