vzw DOKano aims to clean Ghent’s rivers and canals and has found a fun way to do so: fishing for rubbish from a canoe! It’s an efficient combination between recreation and ecology.

During the boating season (April – November), you can fish for a bucket of rubbish every weekend. You’ll be given all the tools you need (incl. rubbish pickers) to clean Ghent’s rivers and canals. If your reservation is one of the first two, you won’t need to pay anything to rent the boat! 

Did you know: DOKano has created a number of podcasts you can listen to during the boat trip. This way, you’ll find out more about the canals' history. 

The aim of the Clean Water Project is to provide a fun way for schools and youth associations to raise awareness among children about the floating rubbish. Or are you still looking for a special teambuilding activity for your company? Go fishing for rubbish with us and let the Ghent Active Guides take you on a tour about ecology and climate adaptation. 

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