Would you like to get to know Ghent in an active and unique way? Then take along your paddle or tie your shoelaces tightly. Together you’ll go out by kayak or canoe or you’ll explore the city while jogging. You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy one of these tours. The level is always adjusted to the participants.

All aboard
Ghent is beautiful from the water. Paddling and floating, the guides show you how water has shaped Ghent’s history and continues to shape its future. During a tour of Ghent’s city centre, you sail in kayaks along the medieval port, the impressive library, locks and sewers to the heart of the city. The tour in Nieuwe Dokken combines rubbish fishing in Dokano canoes with stories of the past and future of this part of Ghent in full development. 

The running tour: put on your running shoes!
Running is a fun way to explore the city. The Ghent Active Guides take you to places where other tourists don't go. They show you Ghent beyond the clichés and tell you stories about the past and the present.

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