OHNE was established in 2015 and was Ghent’s first zero-waste shop. You won’t find any single-use plastic or individually packaged items in this shop. If you do your shopping here, then you choose local, organic and unpackaged products.

OHNE's range includes much more than just dried food and locally grown fruits and vegetables. In addition to packaging-free foods, you can also find unpackaged alternatives for toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning products, lunch boxes and so much more.  

But how do you take those products home? Don’t worry! You can bring your own reusable packaging (jar, box, bag or bottle) and you only pay for the products you're buying. Or you opt for OHNE's reusable packaging. 

OHNE has 2 shops in Ghent: one at Steendam and one at Koningin Elisabethlaan N° 22. 


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