In the first half of the 19th century, rich Ghent industrialists initiated the building of a new and luxurious opera house. It was meant to be the showcase for their newly acquired wealth and no expense was spared. In the splendid horseshoe-shaped theatre, being seen was just as important as seeing. The impressive chandelier is an attraction in itself, just like the three salons, measuring together 90 m long. 

The Ghent opera is the home base for Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. On this stage, the best national and international artists give their all in innovative and moving performances. Dutch and English translations are projected above the stage, so you can understand the dialogues and lyrics. And the great Symphonic Orchestra plays underneath the stage. 

The staff will gladly help you find your way in the magnificent building. A beautiful performance in a unique setting by Opera Ballet Vlaanderen is always an unforgettable experience. Come and see and hear it for yourself.

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