The song Klokke Roeland (Roeland Bell) is probably the most famous folk song in Ghent. This bell is known as ‘The Triumphant’ and as ‘Roeland’, after the first large bell at the Belfry. The bell cracked in 1914 and was removed from the Belfry and restored. Today it is displayed on a specially designed base next to St Nicholas’ Church.

Are you interested in witnessing the Ghent carillon for yourself? Then you must visit the Belfry.

De Maagd

The Belgian artist Michaël Borremans donated his fresco, “De Maagd” (The Virgin), to the city. It portrays a black-haired girl against a dark background. Except for a white collar, the girl is dressed entirely in black. Two crystal-clear rays of light emanate from her eyes. You can find the painting on the bell cage above the door of the lift. The artist’s signature at the back of the work, in the bell cage.

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