You can find Belgium's largest and Europe's third largest skate park at the sports and recreational area Blaarmeersen, between Huis van de Sport and Topsporthal. This is the place to be for all skaters, inline skaters and free-runners!

The skate park covers over 4000 m² and is subdivided into seven areas, where not only skaters, but also free-runners, BMX riders and inline skaters are in their element. 

Skate park Ghent is open to all skaters irrespective of their level of proficiency. There is an area for beginners, ideal for those who are still inexperienced.  The obstacles are of a lower degree of difficulty, but are still challenging. The park is a meeting place for experts and beginners, young and old, skaters and free-runners.

Skate park Blaarmeersen Ghent

The different areas are the following:

  • Streetpark
  • Plaza
  • Roller Derby
  • Bowl Area
  • Street Plaza
  • Freerunning Zone
  • Kiddy Area

In addition, picnic tables, bicycles racks and sanitary facilities have been provided. 

Corona-proof access to the skate park.

This summer, the skate park will not be freely accessible due to the federal measures imposed within the scope of the corona crisis. In order to guarantee that as many people as possible can enjoy their sport in line with and within the limitations of the measures, a reservation system with two-hour time blocks has been introduced. 

You can register online for one time block for yourself and five other people. A total of 200 people, plus 50 in the kiddy area, are allowed.  25% of the reservations can be made immediately at the skate park.