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St Bavo's Cathedral

St Bavo's Cathedral

St Bavo's Cathedral

St Bavo's Cathedral

St Bavo's Cathedral

St Bavo's Cathedral

When Charles V was baptised there in 1500, the metamorphosis from a closed Romanesque church to a spacious Gothic one was fully underway. However, despite substantial financial support from the emperor, the cathedral still remained unfinished 58 years later. As a result, the funeral service for the deceased sovereign could not take place there.

All that remains of the original Romanesque church is the crypt. St. Bavo’s Cathedral houses an impressive number of art treasures: the baroque high altar in white, black and red flamed marble, the rococo pulpit in oak, gilded wood and marble, a major work by Rubens, the ‘Calvary Triptych’, attributed to Joos van Wassenhove, alias Justus van Gent, tombs of the Ghent bishops, and much more. However, one work stands out head and shoulders above the rest: the world-famous Adoration of the Mystic Lamb painted by Hubert and Jan van Eyck around 1432.

Restoration of St Bavo’s Cathedral

Since the spring of 2013, the tower of the Saint Bavo Cathedral has been under construction to freshen up. The tower and four stained glass windows are top of the list. The works will be carried out from top to bottom and the scaffolding will be taken down as soon as a section has been completed. It will take some time the restoration works won’t  last more than four years.

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Access to the Vijdt chapel only possible with ticket for the Mystic Lamb.



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Visitor’s city guide Ghent

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