During the first weekend of October, whoever enters the Old Fish Market will believe they’re in Scotland. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn everything there is to know about whisky and of course to taste a large variety of brands and types. There will also be master classes and the chance to discover Ghent on board a whisky boat.

For two days, you will be immersed (figuratively at least) in the world of whisky. This festival will give you the opportunity to taste a large variety of different whiskies. For more exclusive whiskys you will be required to pay a small contribution in drams, the festival currency. There will also be lifestyle stands, a whisky book stall and a whisky shop. Most of the whisky importers and producers on the Belgian market will attend this event. The complete participant list is available here.

You can embark on the Whisky Boat from the jetty near the Old Fish Market. While you enjoy a dram of whisky, a member of the Ghentgarry Maltclub will tell you all about Ghent and whisky. You can go on the boat tour only if you have a ticket for the festival. All information can be found here.

Do you want to learn more? Experts will give special master classes and organise special tastings. Take a look at the offer and register.

Close to the Old Fish Market is the DaDaChapel distillery, where alcohol is distilled to make rum, vodka and whisky. You can visit the distillery before the Whisky Festival. Book your ticket here.

This activity takes place on a location within the low emission zone

Are you driving to Ghent? First check whether you may enter the city centre with your vehicle. Clean vehicles may enter the city centre free of charge, polluting vehicles have to pay. Is your vehicle allowed to enter, but do you not have a Belgian or Dutch number plate? You will ALWAYS have to register!

Find out all there is to know about Ghent’s low emission zone (LEZ) here