Cuberdons are a typical Ghent confection which is sold at a stall on Groentemarkt square as well as in several local shops. Because of their conical shape, they’re also known as ‘neuzekes’ (little noses). What they taste like? They’re raspberry flavoured, with a candy crust and a syrupy filling.

The recipe of the cuberdon was discovered by chance by a Ghent pharmacist who was looking for a way to increase the shelf life of his medicines. He noticed that the syrup he had prepared formed a crust, while the core was still liquid, and he saw the potential of his discovery. To this day, cuberdons are only sold in Belgium. Why? Well, the syrup inside the sweets begins to crystallise already after a few weeks. Cuberdons therefore have a limited shelf life and are not suitable for export. A good cuberdon has a very thin crust which immediately bursts open when you bite it. Then you taste the sweet liquid in the core. Love it or hate it!