Only the name of the smallest pub in Ghent is a reminder of the former role of this square as an execution yard: 't Galgenhuisje. There’s a cheerful buzz at Groentenmarkt square; the place to be for Ghent delicatessen, sweet treats or delicious regional products.

At the heart of Groentenmarkt square there's an early 19th-century water pump. It is shaped like a high obelisk on a square pedestal and has two semi-circular water reservoirs which used to hold the water that was pumped up via manual pumps. The pump was placed on the square for the vegetable hawkers who sold their goods here. Hence the name "Groentenmarkt", that can be translated as "Vegetable market". The pump is still operational and is supplied with tap water.

Square for foodies and gourmands

Today it’s the place to be if you’re looking to buy delicious products like sweet cuberdons or tangy Tierentyn mustard. Located a bit further across the bridge, on the corner - where else? - The Candy Corner is a small candy and chocolate shop.

Groentenmarkt is the place where Oud Huis Himschoot is located, the oldest bakery of Ghent. The square also boasts Frites Atelier with French fries prepared by star chef Sergio Herman and the shop of world champion cheesemaker Joris Callebaut.

Cheerful markets

Every Friday morning there is an organic market. From the beginning of April until the end of September, the square hosts an Arts and crafts market on Saturday and Sunday, where you can admire jewellery and ceramics. You can see the artists at work while enjoying oysters and a glass of bubbly.

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