For two decades, Decadance was known as the after-party venue of Ghent. And as the odd one out in Overpoortstraat.

Overpoortstraat 76, Ghent

It’s easy to think that Overpoort street has been the place to be for Ghent students since time immemorial. But in fact, students did not begin to flock here until the 1970s, after the construction of a few student residences in the area. What’s more: when Decadance opened its doors in 1996, Overpoortstraat was still not the nightlife hotspot it is today. And Decadance was still not the legendary club it would eventually become.

Only when Jan Van Biesen began deejaying at house parties on Thursday nights  – in the club’s first year he played all sorts of music – did Decadance gradually become a mecca for electronic music lovers. It really took off when the club opened its doors on weekends for the first time to welcome night revellers coming from the I Love Techno festival – a wise decision which firmly established its reputation as an after-party venue.

Unfortunately, the story of Decadance ended in 2018. However, the building is still there and now accommodates another club: Contrast.

Decadance on Overpoortstraat in Ghent