The Great Butchers’ Hall was originally a covered market. This hall, which dates back to the 15th century, was the central place where meat was inspected and traded. This was partly because selling meat door-to-door was forbidden in the Middle Ages.

Closed for renovations
The Great Butchers’ Hall is closed for urgent works.  The shop selling regional products has temporarily moved to Goudenleeuwplein 3, close to the City Pavilion.  At this address you can buy regional products and taste them in the outdoor area.  It's also possible to buy products in the web shop. 

The tripe shops

You might want to experience Ghent on a miniature scale as well. Beside the Great Butchers’ hall is the smallest pub in Ghent, ’t Galgenhuisje. This vibrant little café used to be one of the tripe shops. Animal entrails were sold in these huts, separated off from the market hall for reasons of hygiene. The little bar fills up quickly. But not to worry. There is plenty of room on the terrace, and it’s heated in winter!

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