During your visit to Ghent, it’s impossible to overlook RAY. This stunning example of modern architecture is situated next to the impressive St Nicholas’ Church. This contemporary glass orangery serves aperitifs, coffee and delicious cocktails.

Until 1994, this was the site where a row of workers’ houses had been built adjacent to the northern façade of St Nicholas' Church. They had to make way for the renovation works on the church. When it became clear that reconstruction of the houses was not possible, the site was occupied by a temporary construction and a summer bar for a while. The success of this project led to the construction of a permanent building.

RAY is a meeting place for local residents, entrepreneurs and passers-by in the heart of the city. It is also the place where free events are often organised, and a perfect venue for private events such as exhibitions, happenings or wedding receptions.

Bad weather or good weather? The little ones are in charge of the indoor playground!

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