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Gandante vzw offers a wide range of tours, bike tours and rallies in and around Ghent. Would you prefer to visit a museum or a monument? By yourself or as a group? Patershol or Prinsenhof? By day or at night? Thanks to Gandante’s tours you can explore the city on your own and at your own pace.

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Discover Ghent (Ganda) from an original and unexpected perspective with Gandante. From beguines to freemasons, from Art Nouveau to graffi ti, from Glass Alley (Glazen Straatje) to the courthouse… Gandante offers more than 80 themed walks highlighting different aspects of our city’s rich history. These fascinating tours are sure to delight both one-time visitors and natives of Ghent, and can all be combined with refreshment stops.

  • Themed walk (max. 25 persons)

  • Culinary walks/custom programmes

  • Chinese tours: price upon request


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Gandante vzw

Botermarkt 9
9000 Gent
Tel.: +32-93753161
E-mailadres: info@gandante.be
URL - link: Gandante Gent
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