Ghent is working to create a totally accessible city, also for visitors. For example, the municipality has changed the paths in the historic city centre so they can used by visitors in wheelchairs. There are also a number of transport options for visitors to Ghent with reduced mobility, or families with young children.

Ghent, accessible for everyone

A handy map that describes the best route to take to explore the city and avoid obstacles.

Available in digital format or at the Ghent Tourist Office.

Borrow a wheelchair

Getting around our city is still feasible if your mobility is limited. Borrow a wheelchair free of charge from Bicycle Point Onder De Krook.
Borrow a wheelchair

Accessibility in Flanders

Flanders wants to be an enjoyable holiday destination for everyone: young and slightly older visitors, tourists with or without disabilities or care needs, etc.

You will find a great deal of information on this website to prepare your holiday or trip according to your specific needs and requirements.