In Ghent, we want everyone to feel welcome. If you have a temporary or permanent disability, or if you have difficulty walking, this city guide can support you during your visit to Ghent.

How should you use this brochure?

We created an attractive route with a minimum of obstacles. You'll find some small cobbled streets in the historical centre of Ghent. This walk is partly on cobblestones, but usually they are flat and evenly laid. 

The handy removable map with descriptions tells you exactly which route you should take to avoid obstacles.

This brochure provides information about museums and attractions, pubs, restaurants and public toilets. You can also read all about accessible accommodation, care, mobility aids, transport and parking.

Ghent, accessible for everyone

A handy map that describes the best route to take to explore the city and avoid obstacles.

Available in digital format or at the Ghent Tourist Office.

The information continues beneath the illustrations.