Ghent is a compact city. All attractions are within walking distance from one another. Two tourist quarters seamlessly blend together. The Historical Centre boasts the highest concentration of historical buildings and monuments, while the Arts Quarter is home to the main museums. There are no physical boundaries. You can easily walk from one neighbourhood to another, and pop into one of the many inviting cafes and restaurants along the way.

The Belfry is the heart of the Historical Centre. Wherever you look at the largely pedestrianised city centre, you will see buildings and monuments with a story to tell. A 1,000-year-old fortress, three medieval towers and the most beautiful double row of houses in Europe, on each side of the river, all within walking distance from one another. As well as the modern architecture of the City Pavilion and a taste of street art in the Graffiti alley. Don’t forget to visit the Ghent Altarpiece!

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