No less than eighteen hectares of space for urban development in all of its facets. That’s Arsenaalsite, a former workshop of the National Railway Company of Belgium (NMBS), in a nutshell. Pending the location’s final commissioning, the site will be used as a creative haven.

Arsenaalsite cannot hide its history as a former train workshop. The site is dominated by sheds, train tracks and various buildings. That is, in other words, a lot of valuable industrial heritage on a twelve-hectare site that dates back to 1881. Within a few years, Arsenaalsite will become a fully-fledged new neighbourhood, where housing, working, culture and nature will be intertwined. In the meantime, it will serve as a creative hotspot for local residents and visitors. Cultural activities, sports events, education, research initiatives, gastronomy, nightlife and flea markets: all these activities can thrive here.  

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