Bar Bask brings the Spanish Basque atmosphere to Ghent. Chefs Sam D’Huyvetter, Gilles Bogaert and Jordin Michiels grill fish, meat and crustaceans, making Bar Bask the hottest place in Ghent.

Here you can relax and enjoy a Basque-inspired cuisine with a hint of rock-’n-roll. The emphasis is on sharing, which means you can put together your own menu. 
The offer includes pintxos, Basque tapas, grilled fish and crustaceans and meat dishes. The restaurant also offers vegetarian options.

Bar Bask’s philosophy can be summarised in the following slogan: “We make fire, we make the rules!”. Norway lobsters, for example, are eaten with bare hands and the chefs will fillet a turbot right at your table. 


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