If there is art on outdoor electrical enclosures, doesn’t that make them art boxes? Yes, you read it correctly! Go and discover the colourful art boxes in Ghent and explore the city through the eyes of a street artist.

2.8 km - 3,700 steps

This artistic walk will introduce you to 10 works of art by different artists who managed to transform boring outdoor electrical enclosures in Ghent into artistic gems. Each artist was inspired by one of the sub-collections of the Museum of Industry: light, electricity and energy.

The art trail where you can discover the painted outdoor electrical enclosures starts at the Museum of Industry and ends at Oude Dokken.

“Thousands of our collection pieces are hidden away in repositories. So when you visit the Museum of Industry, you will see only part of our collection. Temporary exhibitions are a way for us to display some of those hidden pieces, but artistic projects like this one also give us extra opportunities to put a larger part of our collection in the spotlight.”
Ann Van Nieuwenhuyse, director of the Museum of Industry

From power to streetart

This walk will take you along lots of colourful outdoor electrical enclosures near the Museum of Industry. Each work has a link with the history of light, electricity and energy.  

This brochure is available free of charge at the tourist office and the Museum of Industry

Did the walk spark your interest in light and energy?

Then be sure to take a look at our page on street art and let yourself be guided by the Sorry, Not Sorry street art map. This map offers a handy overview of all the murals in Ghent and is available for free at the tourist office.

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