Would you prefer to explore the city at your own pace with a group of friends and a guide? Then Ghent-Authentic has just what you’re looking for!

Ghent-Authentic is specialised in customised tours. Everything is arranged exactly as you want it. A private guide? More feasible than you think! 

Languages: Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Chinese 

Ghent-Authentic offers tailored packages to and also for groups and businesses. This guides' association takes care of all aspects of your visit to Ghent: from practical info to advice about and reservations for restaurants, boats, museums, etc.

Our most popular standard tours are:

  • ‘Ghent-Authentic Classic’
  • ‘The Ghent Altarpiece’
  • ‘Nie Pleuje’
  • ‘Tour of Decorative Ghent’
  • ‘By night’
  • ‘Unesco’
  • ‘Coffee, shopping & chocolade’

Besides this, Ghent-Authentic is specialised in customised tours and programmes.