The ‘professional strollers’ at Vizit aim to make you fall in love with Ghent by giving you an unforgettable day on foot or by bicycle, by taking you around the city off the beaten path and by sharing unknown stories about well-known places in the city.

What’s more, they also love to eat and drink. You can book a private tour or join a group. 

Join an organised walk

VIZIT plans various activities during the week or at weekends, both during the day and in the evening. Find out what, where and when on the organisation’s website, where you can immediately see whether there are still free places and register if so. 

Aadvance registration is required.

The classics

  • ‘Nibbling in Style’: A tour which takes in various small shops, allowing you to sample different specialities along the way. The guide will also feed you interesting facts about the city.
  • ‘A’petit’: A culinary tour of three restaurants which each serve a different part of the menu. The guide will season the walk with interesting stories and anecdotes along the way. 

Info for groups

This guides’ association offers dozens of possibilities to explore Ghent in an original and fun way, also for groups. Themed walks, culinary tours, cycling trips… at VIZIT there’s something for every taste, both for adults and youth.

VIZIT specialises in original and tasty (culinary) tours of Ghent. The ‘A’petit’ tour takes you to lots of tasty corners, where you will savour the city’s rich history. The cherry on the cake: a three-course meal, with every course served in a different restaurant. ‘Roaming around’ is a feast for gourmet lovers.

‘Nibbling in Style’ is also an absolute must: this walk takes you to four cosy shops where you can taste regional delicacies. ‘A’petit’ for natural born winners’ (teambuilding activity including a meal), ‘Patershol food Ghent-style’ and ‘Beer walks in Ghent’ are also always popular.

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