Everything starts with an illustration, also with Jan Van Eyck. He has an excellent eye for detail and converts the smallest miniatures into realistic figures. Following his mastery, a number of illustrators have created unique creations based on Van Eyck's works.

Meet the illustrators

The products of these illustrators can be obtained from the creators themselves or in the Van Eyck shop.

Jozias Boone, Medieval printing

Typesetter and printer Jozias Boone has asked various well-known Ghent graphic artists (e.g. Gert Dooreman, Stijn Felix, Randall Casaer and Vladimir Ivaneanu) to make an original drawing inspired by the Ghent Altarpiece. Those drawings will be reproduced in a luxurious portfolio by means of 15th-century printing techniques. All drawings are numbered and signed by the artist.

Carll Cneut, a world beyond the confines of the sheet

Just like the Van Eyck brothers, internationally renowned illustrator Carll Cneut has a sublime eye for detail. He suggests a world that extends far beyond the confines of the sheet. Carll will surprise us with a single drawing, and we look forward to the beautiful and fun gadgets that will be adorned with his creation.

Peter Goes, a playful world

Well-known book illustrator Peter Goes is a former student of KASK School of Arts Ghent. He has created a Ghent Altarpiece timeline and a playful little lamb to adorn elegant exclusive gadgets. Something to look out for!

Jan Van Der Veken, balancing between past and future

Jan Van Der Veken’s style is a revision and continuation of the Ligne Claire or "clear line" style – think of Tintin. He considers the balance between image, typography and text of the greatest importance. In 2016 he won the City of Ghent Culture Award for his enthusiastic drawing work and artistic career. He is the creator of the new graphic novel on Jan Van Eyck and the Ghent Altarpiece.

Sabien Clement, poetic images

Sabien Clement’s drawings are heartwarming  and sometimes express what cannot be expressed by words. She considers the Ghent Altarpiece a story about being a mother unconditionally, with her little Lamb being predestined to save humanity. Is everyone not unique in their mother’s eyes? Her drawings are used for fun gadgets.

Pieter De Poortere, a picture says more than 1000 words

Pieter de Poortere made a search book specifically for the Van Eyck year. In the book, the figures of the Ghent Altarpiece have stepped out of their painting and have decided to cross the entire city. In some settings they bump into a well-known Ghent resident. Nice to get to know the painting in a different way.

The legacy in contemporary art forms

Illustrations are more than just drawings; they tell a story, arouse emotions or inspire more. From calligraphy to a complete art installation, let yourself be entranced by these activities.

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