There’s a reason why Ghent is called the ‘Mediaeval Manhattan’. It pretty much sums up the city of Ghent. Get your visit to Ghent off to a great start. Zuidpark in Ghent, a neo-baroque park, welcomes you warmly with class and style: a pleasant way to enter the city.

Neo-baroque meeting place in Ghent

Stroll through Koning Albertpark, known colloquially as Zuidpark, and hug the ancient plane trees that surround you when you enter Ghent. This park was once the location of Zuid station. It was converted into a traditional park in the 1930s. Ghent residents of all ages meet up here. You will find a play area for kids up to the age of 12 and a skating zone in the park.

Golden tip for your city trip!

Why not park your car really close by, in the underground car park at Zuidpark (the car park is not located in the Low Emission Zone)? It is the ideal starting point for your weekend trip to Ghent. It is easy to catch a tram into the centre of Ghent from here. Fancy walking? Ghent is a manageable city, and it is perfectly possible to start your explorations from Zuidpark even if you’re not much of a walker.

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