This imposing church was built on the foundations of the previous Romanesque abbey church. If it reminds you of Rome, it is no coincidence: the architect Pieter Huyssens was inspired by the great Italian Renaissance churches.

Baroque Masterpiece by Pieter Huyssens

This church, constructed in the 17th century after the devastation of the Great Iconoclasm, is steeped in history. Flemish architect and Jesuit Pieter Huyssens created a masterpiece of symmetry and elegance. The Italian influenced design makes this church a perfect example of Baroque architecture in Flanders. 

A Dive into History

Step into the double splendour of this complex, with a central-plan domed church on the west side and a basilica-type church with monk's stalls on the east side. Discover the balanced structure of the façades with symmetrically placed pillars, niches and windows. During the French Revolution, the building lost its original function as an abbey church and became a parish church in 1810. 

Discover the art treasures, admire paintings by Flemish masters such as Jan Janssens and Gaspar de Craeyer, marvel at the organ built by Pierre Van Peteghem- and gaze at the unique miracle paintings devoted to Our Lady ter Rive. Dating back to the 13th century, this doubly named church provides a unique insight into Ghent’s spiritual heritage, set in the wonderful surroundings of Sint-Pietersplein square. 

Be sure to visit the adjoining Saint Peter's Abbey with its beautiful garden as well. 

Monumentale Kerken Gent

The non-profit organisation Monumental Churches of Ghent tries to make the patrimony and cultural heritage of Ghent's central churches accessible to the general public.

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Monumentale Kerken Gent

Ghent's horizon is characterised by its many churches and their towers. This brochure takes you on a tour of Ghent's nine Monumental Churches. You will discover more about their rich history and the many works of art they house.

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