This park is part of an area known as the Rozebroeken or Sint-Baafskouter, which was formerly the country retreat for monks from St Bavo’s Abbey.

A lovely area of greenery with playgrounds and picnic spots. This is also where you will find Rozebroeken sports and recreation centre (with a swimming pool complex). 

This ‘Pretty Wilderness’ was created to be as natural as possible, with existing plants being kept. Grassy ovals are great spots for parties, games and picnics. A path made out of drivable grass links them to each other. There are playgrounds, a natural play zone with a play hill, and a play forest. Nearby you will find a lake which you can walk around, or over, via a wooden platform. Around the local school there is a nature garden, wildlife garden and wild flower path. 

There is also an area for dog walking. 

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