This Benedictine abbey was founded in the 7th century by St Amand, who christened the very city of Ghent itself. In the 14th and 15th centuries, it grew into nothing short of an abbey village, with farms, gardens, homes and estates. The abbey owed its prosperity to the privileges it had gained and the taxes it was allowed to impose on its estates. It owned land all the way to the port in Ghent.

Green hotspot in Ghent

The garden of this abbey is a real hotspot in Ghent that is particularly popular with the city’s students who come here to chill out or revise in the sunshine. A must-see during your city break. The magnificent garden with its vineyard and ruin is an oasis of greenery in the city. Prestigious exhibitions with an international allure are held every year in St Peter’s Abbey. The dining wing of St Peter’s Abbey is authentic, dating from the Middle Ages. Visit the ground floor of St Peter’s Abbey for free (cloisters, quadrangle and the abbey garden).


The shop of St Peter’s Abbey is located near the reception desk and is freely accessible. In the shop, you can find souvenirs of your visit and original gifts. Some of the items on offer: reference works, historical novels, children’s books, postcards, gadgets, etc.

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