The World of Kina brings children and nature together. A unique fossil of a pre-historic reptile, a splendid diorama room with native birds and an unbelievably cool interactive exhibition with thousands of rocks and minerals.

The House is a museum where your children will uncover one surprise after another.

The large natural history collection turns the museum into an exciting adventure book you don’t want to stop reading. A new chapter starts behind every corner and allows you to discover new treasures: minerals, fossils, insects, shells, birds, etc.

In the Dinorama, you’ll discover the world of dinosaurs and see what life on earth looked like millions of years ago. You’ll learn about the various species of dinosaurs in a playful way.

The Heritage App gives you a lot of extra information on ‘Kei Cool’, an exhibition about rocks and minerals. It answers questions like, “What is desert rose?”, “How do tectonic plates move?” and “Which mineral is used to make the base of the FIFA World Cup?”. Download the Heritage App here.

The 'Susketwiet' sensory and listening trail in the bird room introduces you to the museum's birds. A branch leads you to our little informants’ bronze replicas. Our sensory table allows you to explore all the birds’ different characteristics (nest, beak, legs, etc.), not only with your hands, but also with your ears. Tailored for visually impaired visitors, but extra fun for everyone.

To make a visit to the museum more enjoyable for people with a visual impairment, there are lines of tactile paving throughout the museum and in the stairwell you will find an adapted banister with Braille indications. In addition, the website contains accessible route descriptions.


Also check out The world of Kina: the Garden. This location, which includes an educational garden, is not within walking distance from the House, but it can easily be reached from Sint-Pietersplein by bus no. 5 (Tolhuislaan).

Museum shop

The museum shop of The World of Kina: the House is freely accessible. Here, you can find in-house museum publications, minerals, shells, fossils, toys, cuddly toys, magnifying glasses and other gadgets.

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